Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’2″

A Vital Sign  –  Emma (Ensemble)     Sen3Productions

A Crime To Remember  –  House Keeper     Discovery ID

Neptune  –  Sam (Lead)     Sen3Productions

The Gaffer  –  Sydney (Lead)     Sen3Productions

Adam  –  Ava/Ronnie (Ensemble)     Sen3Productions

Palioxis  –  Jerilyn White (Lead)     Jason Reginato

Sound Like Silence  –  Jaime (Lead)     Sen3Productions

Allegheny Creek  –  Marlene (Lead)     Sen3Productions

Clapboard/Moi  –  Self (Lead)     Sen3Productions

A Fine Line  –  Wife (Lead)     Sen3Productions

Halfmoon Theater Actors Workshop   –   John Summerford, Wayne Pyle, Roger H. Simon

Voice Over Intensive   –   Wayne Pyle

Accents: British (Cockney & Southeast), Scottish, Spanish, Russian, Southern and New England (North Eastern). Fluent in English and intermediate level Spanish. Singing, Dancing, Piano, Culinary School Graduate.