Acting Courses

I am an award winning actor, writer, and filmmaker, with 15 years experience in independent filmmaking and production. I co-own Sen3 Productions with my husband and film partner in Hudson Valley NY, where we reside.

I work with beginner, and intermediate level actors pursing their training at the professional level. As an experienced actor and coach, I can help my students with everything from combatting stage fright, to improving character development and technique. As a filmmaker, I offer first hand advice on how to better stand out during auditions, as well as providing tips on what directors look for when casting.
While I pull inspiration from several classic techniques and methods, I prefer a customizable approach for each student, to better create a natural and effective process toward improving my students acting ability.

Upcoming Classes

4 hour Actors Intensive

The actors improvisation intensive takes a hands on approach, with informative and constructive criticism, in a completely supportive environment. The 3 hour intensive will be an interactive improve class, that will help you improve on your performance and on the spot delivery as an actor, as well as aid you for the fall 2024 four week course. As your coach, I will assist you in breathing life into your performance and character development, while helping you break common mistakes and habits. Nothing is more important in acting than authenticity, there is a method to convincingly playing even the simplest of characters. My goal as your coach, is to help you engage that muscle memory, and better retain the tools you would need to be a more effective actor.

*Please be aware that this intensive is only open to 18+ aged students.

Acting is a physical art, with certain exercises that require physical interactions, please do not sign up for this intensive if you are uncomfortable being near, or interacting with fellow students.

*Class fees are non-refundable